Candle Magic- Easy Magic

color candle
Color correspondence plays an important role in magic by helping our minds focus in the goals or intentions. You can combine colors to empower the spell and to add your individual touch to the spell or ritual. A color may or may not work for you, so let your spirit guides or inner-self guide you. Add a personal touch to your spell by adding oils, herbs, stones, shells and/or any other items from nature that you feel that will help empower your spell. Make sure that your intention does not harm anyone and that is not against anyone free will. If your intention is sending healing energy to someone, you should ask for permission from the person. Do not perform any spell with someone in mind. If romantic love is what you desire, just focus on the beautiful and powerful energy of love coming to you and making you feel happy. Do not visualize anyone as this would be performing magic against someone free will. Use your imagination and have fun, with candle magic sky is the limit.

Spring Cleansing 101

Spring Cleansing 101
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