Candle Magic- Easy Magic

When using candle magic the color is important. We all are attracted by colors and have our own favorite colors too. Colors have the power of attracting our eyes and remind us of things. We associate colors with different intentions and help us visualize and focus in our goals. When we focus, visualize or meditate in our goal without any distractions, we strengthen the magic by putting a large amount of energy (chi) into our intention.

Let's talk about the color correspondences. Since childhood, we know that some colors have traditionally been associated with feelings and emotions. We associate red with love and passion, and pink with innocence and friendship. For instance, If we want to increase our circle of friends, we use pink, but if we want to bring romantic love to our life, we use red. While green reminds us of money and abundance. The color of green can also be used for healing; however, if we are sending love to mother Earth, we use green. Green also represents: Our planet (Mother Earth), animals, and all living things. The color orange is associated with strength, vitality, and energy while yellow reminds us of brightness, new beginnings, and joy. Blue is associated with being calm and peaceful, but also shows power, and has been traditionally associated with royalty, success, and careers. If you want a new job, you can combine the yellow for new beginnings and the blue for career and success. Tranquility and harmony is associated with lavender, which is the color of the third eye, divination, meditation and clairvoyance. Purple is associated with wisdom, spirituality, and intuition which can also replace the lavender color. The color black is associated with protection, grounding, removal of negative energy while white is associated with peace, innocence, cleansing, clearing and has the benefit that can replace any other color. Colors are also associated with the chakras and color candles can be used to send energy to specific chakras that need some love.

Candles can be dressed with oils, herbs, resins, powders and can be carved with letters, numbers, symbols and names to empower the intention or goal or you can also ring them with flowers, crystals or herbs. The candle can be placed for surroundings, or in the middle of a crystal grid, or placed in the altar as an offering for the Divine. It's a great idea to place a small piece of paper with the intention, affirmation or symbol under the candle or burn the small piece of paper in the fire while visualizing your intention. Once the candle is finished, you can bury the remains of the wax, or place it inside a pouch to create your own mojo or amulet bag. 

When performing candle magic, focus on the intention while lighting the candle and while it is burning. You can always recite an affirmation or prayer and dedicate your candles to your favorite deity. We should only focus, pray and visualize things that will benefit us for our own personal use and for others, and also things that do not harm ourselves or anyone else. I have to stress this one, we should never focus into anything that will harm anyone, or that goes against the will of anyone. Always keep in mind, what goes around comes around. 

As you can see candle magic is very simple and fun and does not require too much supplies. There are no rules on what is right or wrong, selecting the color and supplies that works better for you. If a color correspondence does not make sense to you, choose the one that makes sense. If you feel like adding more things to your spell, then do it. It may be your inner-self or spirit guides speaking to you. What is essential in candle magic is the energy that you put into the ritual.  Have fun with color magic and feel free to share your ideas and results with us.






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