Spring Cleansing 101

Spring is not only known for the beautiful new flowers on trees, but it's also known for the rebirth, regrowth, and a cleansing season. During the spring, people detoxify their spaces from accumulation of things that they don't need or that are no longer serving a purpose to them. This applies to almost everything from food changes, toxic relationships, decluttering the home to subtle areas like cleaning the ethereal body or sacred space. The art of cleansing with the smoke of herbs is not something new. It dates back to the ancient Egyptian and Hindu civilization where the smoke of herbs and resins was used for purification purposes. These civilizations recognized and trusted the power of herbs in the same way that many still today trust the use of herbs in infusions for a particular purpose. These ancient cultures clearly understood that herbs have a energetic profile that can light up our spirit with their energies.

What is the best herb to purify? Well, it depends. It depends on the purpose,  the preference, the availability, and the budget. Someone who identifies with the shamanic culture will incline to use white sage. However, the truth is that all herbs have their own unique energetic profile that can serve you with a specific intention. First, determine what is the purpose of your cleansing and the list below will assist you to select what herbal smudge will be the one that will do the trick this spring. 

  • For general  cleansing,  I prefer the traditional White Sage whose aroma is very strong and pungent. This aroma will stay in the purified area for hours and even if you don't smell it anymore, your neighbor will smell if he/she comes for a visit.

  • After a love  separation or any emotional issue, I would recommend to use Dragons Sage. This powerful blend of dragons blood resin and mountain sage can assist with emotional healing, finding forgiveness, self care and self love and getting ready to start fresh again. Wow! these are wonderful energies of this herbal mix. The aroma of this smudge is much less pungent than white sage and more minty.

  • For bad luck in the monetary aspects, I use cedar. Cedar has a pine earthy aroma, very masculine. This powerful herb is not just a powerful cleansing herb, but it is also associated with grounding, stability, prosperity and abundance. Yes, all related to the root chakra. So get rid of any bad luck that has been accompanying us for the last year and start fresh this new spring. 

  • Not feeling well? Associated with healing, the Eucalyptus has been the number one. The minty aroma of the eucalyptus will clear the air, your thoughts, and even your nostrils. We are not saying that it will cure or replace the need of medicine but at least it will make you comfortable and with more vitality. 

  • Have you been with zero motivation or struggling with the courage to do something that you know needs to be done? Yerba Santa is recommended for you. This sticky plant is considered sacred by some Spanish cultures. This is a very sweet uplifting aromatic herb that is known for promoting courage.

Do something fun and different this spring and start incorporating something new to your decluttering spring ritual. The energy in your space will feel much lighter and will flow better around you.

Some ideas to use for smudges:

  • If time is an issue. A quick cleanse is perfect for you. This consist of taking few leaves from the smudge stick and burn those leaves in a heat safe bowl. 
  • If the smoke is an issue. Add a few leaves in a spray bottle with distilled water, alcohol and essential oil and spray the home or car. This spray can be also used to cleanse your crystals.
  • For baths, clip a few herbs and add them to your bath by itself or mixed with other herbs, salts or oils.
  • Create your incense by mixing some herbs with resins. Place 1/2 teaspoon of the mix on top of a lighted charcoal tablet. Now relax and enjoy the aromatic smoke. 

As you can see the uses are many and the variety of herbs to choose is large. There is magic in everything that we see, smell and touch.  Herbs have been magically created by the Divine to assist us with different purposes. Get familiar with some herbs and make sure you make them your loyal companion from now on.



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