Polished Green Aventurine
Polished Green Aventurine
Polished Green Aventurine
Polished Green Aventurine
Polished Green Aventurine
Polished Green Aventurine

Aventurine Tumbled Stone

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Aventurine is a stone of optimism. It gives confidence and helps one to move forward into new situations like new jobs, homes and relationships. It is a great crystal to be around us when facing challenging life situations such as aging, illness and ones' own mortality. It assist with dealing with the ups and downs in life. It a very helpful crystal to be used during meditation. It is a powerful crystal to help us see the bright side of things and bring joy. During healing, it can help us to rebuild depleted levels of energy. It brings "good luck" and great prosperity. Carry during gambling, testing, first date or any new endeavor. It is also a great crystal to promote creativity, motivation and balance. Prevent "energy vampires" from sucking your energy. Helps with stress.

Below is a list on different ways that you can incorporate this crystal:
• Carry it with you as an amulet or in a mojo bag
• Place it on the altar, night stand or desk
• Place it on energy baths
• Use it on spells or meditations to attract money, abundance and good luck.
• Place it on your pocket during a job interview or exam as it Promotes success in new adventures, endeavors and businesses.
• Place it near or inside the cash register to promote money flow and business success
• Place it on a crystal grid
• Use it during crystal healing, chakra balancing, reiki sessions
• Carry during exams
Approximately Measurements .75-1”

Aventurine is part of the Quartz family and it harmonizes with any crystal from this family.
Element: Water and Earth
Common Sources: India and Brazil
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Chakras: Heart

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