Japanese Incense

Japanese Incense

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Artistic Incense from Kyoto, Japan where it has been traditionally handcrafted for over 300 years using the finest vegan and cruelty free ingredients using the same recipes and old techniques that has been used from the beginning. 30 sticks per bundle, 8.75"- Each stick burns for approximately 50 minutes.

Below are the fragrances available, choose the one that you like from the drop down list.

Great Origin-Daigen Koh: Made of sandalwood and Cinnamon to bring comfort
Eternal Treasure- Hoyei-koh: bring abundance
Moss Garden- Nokiba: Blend of Sandalwood, Patchouli and Benzoin
Kyoto Autumn Leaves- Kyo-Nishiki: Main Ingredients are sandalwood and cinnamon bringing the mood of day of the fall season
Golden- Pavilion- Kin-Kaku: Earthy spice fragrance inspired in ancient temples
Cherry Blossom- Kyo-Sakura: Rhubarb cloves, cinnamon, herbs and spices to stimulate the senses. Very refreshing fragrances that set the mood of the Spring season
Five Hills- Gozan: Mellow fragrance to promote inspiration using a blend of cloves and the finest sandalwood that comes from Mysore, India
White Cloud- Haku-un: This is a very old incense recipe that uses only the finest ingredients very earthy and sweet at the same time that brings inner peace.

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