Pentagram Cauldron 4.5 inches D x 4.25 inches H

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The Cauldron symbolizes the Goddess womb and it is a symbol of rebirth. For ages in Paganism, the cauldron has been one of the favorite tools of witches for its symbolism as well as its magickal uses during rituals and spells.
Cauldrons can be used for cooking over camp fires, burn candles, papers, Herbs, smudging or as an incense burner for resins. It can also be filled with water and used for scrying. The material of this cauldron is cast iron which is very resilient to fire.

The cauldron in the listing has a raised Pentagram design on the front and back and it's 4.50 inches in diameter and 4.25 inches tall.
Any imperfection in this type of items is normal and should be as unique instead of a defect.